SuperPacific X1 Camper Configurable Roof Rack

SuperPacific X1 Camper Configurable Roof Rack

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Boreal's Configurable Roof racks are made for extreme use in extreme environments.  We won't hide it, our racks are similar to other products on the market, using laser-cut and CNC brake-bent 5052 Aluminum frames, and 6061 Aluminum extrusion cross bars.  

So what makes Boreal different? After years of R&D and competitive testing, we narrowed in on some of the details that can cause failures on similar designs.  In the harsh northern climate that Boreal calls home, many racks with mild-steel hardware would rust out and fail, or corrode in place and require destruction to remove or adjust.  At Boreal, we concentrate on the small details making your rack last through all conditions:

  • All Boreal racks are constructed from corrosion-proof 5052 Aluminum and finished with a powdercoat.  This prevents the rack from corroding and failing, or looking horrible after a few winters
  • All Boreal racks are 100% stainless steel hardware to prevent corroding in place and ugly surface rust
  • All Boreal racks use M8 hardware.  Our M8 Stainless Steel bolts have a tensile strength of 70,000psi, and meet DIN 7991 and ISO 10642 standards, meaning you will never have a hardware failure.  Our competition's mild steel M6 bolts do not meet these standards.
  • All Boreal racks use 40mm 6061 extruded-aluminum cross-bars.  These taller bars weigh the same as our competitor's 25mm bars, but are twice as strong in deflection, and can take 4 times the static load before permanent set (bending).  40mm bars are also compatible with all industry-standard rack accessories that use M8 hardware.
  • Boreal countersunk washers and standoffs are all CNC-machined specifically for our racks and the vehicle fitment, making a cleaner appearance and tighter tolerance for smooth installation.
  • All of Boreal's proprietary components, extruded cross-bars and stainless steel hardware are manufactured in the USA.

Boreal's 6 Foot Bed Rack for Mid Size Trucks fits on toppers, and can be hard mounted directly by drilling into the topper, or to rack mounting tracks that are on some toppers.  Each rack includes 4x 40mm cross bars, Rack, 100% stainless steel hardware, and CNC-machined countersunk washers and standoffs.

All racks come in powdercoated matte black with silver cross-bars, and your choice of accent color for the countersunk washers.